Il ChiantiIta​lian

Henderson chamber of commerce & congressman Heck's office at ribbon cutting for Il Chianti Italian"s Grand Opening May 18th 2016.

Mission Statement:Our pledge is to maintain the highest levels
of integrity, courtesy, and customer
satisfaction. We strive to deliver top quality
service and creativity, with consistent
professionalism and high quality food. With
our unique concepts and phenomenal
epicurean creations, it's our goal to, not only
meet, but exceed our clients expectations!

"Life is for living! Why not spice it up and enjoy a uniquely delicious and healthy dining experience. Our meals are among the best in the entire industry. Give us a chance to prove it. Contact us today and let us add a little spice to your life!"
-- Chef Rudy Janeo, Jr.

Chef Rudy's Philosophy:
"Cooking with love"Keeping it simple and adding lots of love are
two things I always try to keep in mind when
in the kitchen. Slaving away for hours isn't
always a necessity when it comes to cooking
a delicious meal. Preparing fresh food can be
quite simple. Essentially, all you're doing is
highlighting the flavor and complexities of the cuisine.
Always keep things simple, natural and fresh.
Don't get complicated. If you keep it simple
and natural, everyone will understand and
enjoy what they're eating.
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About Us

Chef, restaurateur and local personality Rudy Janeo,Jr. was born on April 5th, 1964, in General Santos 

City, Philppines. Rudy grew up in poverty, sleeping on dirt floors, with no electricity or running water. 

He was raised by his grandmother; who started 

teaching him to cook at the tender age of 8. Janeo initially started his culinary apprenticeship 

with Westin Hotel Resorts in Manila, before moving to San Francisco, where he apprenticed at the Five Star Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square. 

After immigrating to the United States in 1990, he 

lived in San Francisco before becoming executive 

chef at the respected Ventano Italian Grille, Steak 

and Seafood restaurant in Las Vegas. 
Chef Rudy has been in the culinary industry for over30 years. After a highly successful apprenticeship 

with Westin Hotels & Resorts, Janeo had the 

privilege of working with several master Chefs, 

including Charlie Trotter, Romano Venuti, Piero 

Broglia and many others. Chef Janeo has also 

opened several restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. 
In addition, Chef Janeo has catered dozens of 

celebrity events and private affairs in Las Vegas. 
Chef Janeo is not only ambitious, passionate, 

enthusiastic and driven to succeed, he is also a 

great leader determined to give back to the 

community through his non profit foundation 

(The Mabuhay Foundation), 

cooking lessons and many other charitable 

endeavors. Chef Rudy and his Foundation raised 

thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer Research, 

The March of Dimes, Charities for Autism, and 

dozens of, anti poverty, children’s organizations 

throughout the world. Janeo’s charisma, positive 

attitude and hard work, define his ingenious cookingstyle. From very humble beginnings, Chef Rudy has forged a magnificent career and giving lifestyle. He credits his mother and grandmother for instilling hisstrong work-ethic, kindness and desire to succeed. 
Mr. Janeo founded The Mabuhay Foundation: 

“A Better life”, in 2009 to support and uplift needy 

children in the Philippines.The Mabuhay Foundation has donated thousands of books, sports equipment,computers, backpacks and braille books for the 

blind to hundreds of underpriviliged children in the 

Philippines. The Foundation has also constructed bathrooms in 

schools and helped provide disadvantaged 

communities with clean drinking water. Next, The 

Mabuhay Foundation hopes to build a new Learning Center in General Santos City. 

 Chef Janeo leads a bright, generous and bountiful 

life! He lives to inspire and plans to spread his 

loving cooking style, philanthropic ways and 

charitable associations across the globe! 

Rodolfo Janeo Jr. 
Chef / Founder 
The Mabuhay Foundation: “A Better life”